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Having settled in Denver, Colo., after years of living and working as a professional photographer in New York City and San Francisco, I spend my days (and quite a few nights) taking pictures. My love for photography is more than a passion; it’s an obsession, and I’m constantly in search for the next story I can tell through my camera lens.

How To Prepare For A Family Portrait

Getting your family together to have a nice portrait taken can seem like a daunting task, but it’s a very easy process as long as you know what you need to do on your end. As a photographer, taking family portraits is always a fun job, being able to help families capture memories they can hold onto forever. Although taking family photos can have its challenges such as crying babies, and restless kids, the perfect moment can be captured because the, “I don’t want to’s,” pass and sweet moments inevitably happen.

Tips For Getting Your Family Ready For Portraits

  • Coordinate clothing. Although you don’t need to be match perfectly such as blue jeans and matching black shirts, you should still stay within the same color pallet. You should also be aware of the season in which you’re taking the photos if you want to take them outside.
  • Leave your stress at the door. You may run into a few headaches while you’re coordinating your family’s outfits for the photo session, but all that stress should be left at the door. Once the session starts, you just want to have fun with your kids and let the photographer capture the moments.
  • Get plenty of sleep. If wake up feeling exhausted, it will reflect in the photos. Therefore, you want to get all the outfits picked out and tried on before to make sure everyone is comfortable with what they’re wearing, and you want to make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep. As long as you have the session scheduled in advance, getting everything done ahead of time should be a breeze.
  • Bring snacks. Children bring the charm into family photos, therefore if they get fussy, often times a little snack will help and get them back on track and focused on the task at hand. As long as you’re excited and your children can see that, they’ll be just as excited and be willing to have as much fun as possible, but they’ll need mom and dad’s help.

If you’re considering booking a family portrait session with a professional photographer, just keep these tips in mind when getting your family ready and you should end up being very happy with the results.