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Having settled in Denver, Colo., after years of living and working as a professional photographer in New York City and San Francisco, I spend my days (and quite a few nights) taking pictures. My love for photography is more than a passion; it’s an obsession, and I’m constantly in search for the next story I can tell through my camera lens.

Finding The Ideal Wedding Photographer

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When you’re investing in a wedding photographer, it’s different than having to look for a bakery for the cake, or a restaurant to cater the food because there’s no taste testing so, you don’t know what you’re getting until after the nuptials. Therefore, when you’re choosing that photographer to document one of if not the most important day of your life, you want to take your time in researching different portfolios and styles.

So, what is the easiest most stressful way to find the perfect photographer for your wedding? Well, we’ve put together a list of steps you want to take when looking around for your photographer.

Steps To Finding A Wedding Photographer

  • Choose your style of photography. There are a few different types of photography styles that are the most commonly used such as, documentary, portrait, or edgy. If you prefer a more documentary style for your photos, you want to find a photographer that has well printed candid photos within their portfolio. For those who want the more traditional, posed wedding photos, that falls under the portrait category.
  • Do the necessary research. When you’re looking for a wedding photographer, of course you’re going to want to see their portfolio, but you also want to look into client testimonials and even ask the photographer for recent client contacts so you could speak to them about their experience. You also want to have a list of potential options, because based on the season and that photographer’s schedule; they may be booked for your wedding day.
  • Meet your photographer. It’s perfectly normal to want to meet or speak with your photographer beforehand so you can gauge their professionalism and determine whether or not they’re what you’re looking for. When you meet them, it’s good to ask how many weddings they have shot in their career, because wedding photography is truly different from any other kind – it’s intimate, and you’re collecting the memories you’ll have forever, therefore you want the quality to be there.
  • Discuss the costs. Before signing the contract, ask the photographer what type of equipment they’ll be using for the style of photography you want, because that may factor into the overall costs. If the photographer has to travel, you want to ask whether or not they’ll be paying for their own flight or if that’s something you need to provide. Also, you want to know how many hours you’ll have the photographer for, which could also factor into their costs.

Now, if you follow those simple tips to finding your wedding photographer, you should be all set. Planning a wedding is never easy, and finding the right photographer may seem like a daunting task, but not if you have a solid guide on how to go about finding that ideal fit.