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Having settled in Denver, Colo., after years of living and working as a professional photographer in New York City and San Francisco, I spend my days (and quite a few nights) taking pictures. My love for photography is more than a passion; it’s an obsession, and I’m constantly in search for the next story I can tell through my camera lens.

an afternoon photo session with Lauren, Tobin and Weston

I had the delightful opportunity to photograph the Sykes family last weekend at Commons Park in Denver, Colorado. We met for the first time on location. Little Weston was starting to teeth, but I think we had a great time anyway. I love photographing kids, because I never know what they are going to do. I can’t and don’t try to control them. I like to document what they are wanting to do (for the most part). It’s always a mystery for my clients what we got.

Thank you Lauren and Tobin for the opportunity to shoot for you!